The rental Agreement

Here is an example of a rental agreement for one week:

Rental Agreement



The queen of Saba

Saba Road
1001  Saba city



Kristian Rath

Kløverhøj 19

2605 Brøndby



Telephone +999 888 777



Telephone +45 4396 2373

Mobil +45 2077 9099

or +45 2972 2951


Main Section

The renting period is arranged to the week of 20 the year 2004.

The renter has the access to and responsibility for the property situated at
Søvang 88, Klint, 4500 Nykøbing Sj. Denmark
in the entire renting period
without the guesthouse.

The property is as described on the web site:

The altogether payment is arranged to DKR
8.000,- plus electricity
Number of persons: The holiday house must only be lived in by the number of persons as indicated in the order (max 4 adults and 3 children), except if anything else is arranged.

Putting up of tents and campers on the property is not allowed.

The purpose with this agreement is

  1. to ensure the renter’s right to the property in the period mentioned above

2. to ensure the letter against damages and violations.


Saturday the 7th of April 2004 at 2.00 pm
Saturday the
14st of April 2004 at 11.00 am


By certification of the agreement of the rental agreement must 1/3 of the rent be paid.

40 days before the renting period’s start must the rest of the rent be paid. By paying of the 1st instalment is it considered of the letter-signed agreement as accepted by the renter.


Settled for dkr. 2,00 pr. kWh. at the departure


Latest at the arrival must there be paid a deposit on DKR 2.000, -

Possible damages made by the renter, lack of cleaning, left garbage etc. will be set-off in the deposit as well as electricity. The rest of the money will be sent the renter. Possible damages more than the deposited amount will be paid separate of the renter inside the next 8 days from the amount is documented by letter.

Bed linen and dishcloth

In the house are comforts and pillows.
The renter must bring bed linen, towels, dishcloth, and wraps.

Renting of the below-mentioned must be agreed in advance.

Bed linen




Dkr. 50 each

Bed linen +
Big bath towel +
general towel


dkr. 100 pr. package

Kitchen package
6 dishcloths +
6 wraps


dkr. 100 pr. package

The renters canceling of the agreement.

The following fees will be collected to cover the expenses:

Until 90 days before the leases beginning 1/7 of the total amount.
From 89 to 30 days before the leases beginning 1/3 of the total amount.
From 30 days before the leases beginning 3/4 of the total amount.
By absence the entire amount

Transfer of this agreement

The renter is not allowed to transfer this rental agreement to others, without an acceptance from the letter.


Complaints over lacks with the holiday house must immediately be reported by telephone, telegraph, letter or e-mail to the owner


The house must be in same clean condition by the departure as it was by the arrival. This includes washing of bathrooms, and floors, cleaning of ovens and refrigerator and freezer, vacuuming and dusting.
The cleaning can be arranged through a local company, price: DKR 700, -.


There is a big trashcan for the house with bags for garbage collection. The bag will be changed every Tuesday. Other garbage, which can not fit in the bags must the renter take care of.
Bottles of glass must be put into the container of bottles by the grosser

Letters reservation

This rental agreement, signed by the letter, is until the first instalment is fully paid and no longer than 8 days from today, for the renter only an offer and a preliminary reservation. From the above-mentioned date the letter has right to rent the property to others.

Payment and transfer details

Of the scheme below you will find the payment instructions for this rental.


As letter, according to this rental agreement: