The ground

The ground is 1608 m2, and the outer area against neighbors is planted with the original forest, but slightly trimmed for the worst wild roses and dead trees.

Car park
The driveway is covered with gem stones which is also situated under the two-car-carport. There is room for another car in the driveway without blocking for the other. If there are more than 3 cars, these must be moved when the innermost is going out. Alternatively, the blind path (turning space) bordering the ground, can be used for parking for further 2 cars. There is a tiled walkway from the turning space to the house.

On the south side of the house is a large rectangular lawn with "forest" on the 3 sides and terrace and the house on the 4th. This means that the grass cannot immediately be viewed from roads or neighbors. There are 2 goals on the grass for the kids to play football.

The terraces
There are 3 terraces en suite.

Breakfast terrace, situated to the south-east side of the cottage with wooden furniture for 8 people, and sun from early morning to mid-afternoon and lying directly to the lawn.

The large terrace is located on the southwest side of the house with plastic furniture for 12 people. The large trees ensures that there is almost always a shady spot on the terrace, and the size ensures that there is always sun (when the sun shines, of course).

The covered terrace is located in connection with annexe. Here is the only sun in the morning and there are plastic furniture for 10 people.

There is a brick barbecue in connection with the large terrace.