Who we are

We are a family with teenage boys, who always have enjoyed to take a break from the city's stress. We have made it possible to take with us family and friends to our oasis of freedom.

We have spend lots of time together with frinds cooking, barbequeing etc. But it has always been "quiet" when a some of the party have to drive car afterwards. Therefore we have started doing weekends instead. Both friendships and the days becomes better that way. We are now matured from "the camping trip" and have chosen to build this summer house where we can continue the weekends to the end of our days.

It is these pleasures that we now will share with others, and at the same time be able to reduce the running costs of our summer house.


You are of cause welcome to contact us - we prefer e-mail:

Jeanne & Kristian Rath

Kløverhøj 19

DK 2605  Brøndby


Phone  +45 4396 2373

Mobile +45 2077 9099

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