The kitchen is built as the central part of the summer house. We have always used the house (also our old summer house) to invite family and friends arround dinner.  Therefore the kitchen has always been centrum, and that is what we have made it here.

On one of the walls we have placed the traditional country-side kitchen, and central in the room we have placed the cooking island, which also can be used as a "bar" for those not participating in the kitchen duties. 

White goods

bullet Cooking area with 4 plates, placed on the cooking island
bullet Convection oven with grill, located on the one sidewall
bullet Micro oven, combi oven, placed just over the oven
bullet Dish washing mashine
bullet Refrigerator and freezer, with cold water and ice cube mashine
bullet 2 coffe machines
bullet Water cooker - electric kettle
bullet Toaster
bullet Hand-mixer


The kitchen is fully equipt to 12 persons, both ordinary and barbeque-knives, many glases in different sizes (12 of each of cause). You will find pots, pans, dishes, etc. enough to a family of 12.

If you in addition rent the annexe, you will find further equipments for 8 persons.