Facts and Data

'This page contains data for the summer house itself. If you need information abour the site or the annex see those pages.

The Summer house was built in 2002, 2003 and finished in 2004.

The house is 123 m2, of which 18 m2 is garret. The house is in wintertime heated by floor heating and has in addition a beautiful  wood stove in the living room. There is a 300 liters water warmer, so there should be enough to everybody.

The house is fully equipt to 12 persons, and has the following facilities:

DVD player and TV with satellite reciever in the living room 
Radio with CD og tape recorder
Kitchen with all modern equipments
Tecnich room with washingmashine and tumbler drier.
2 bathrooms (dush), one of them with sauna.
Combined living room/kitchen, built so everybody can be together and still doing what they want.

The house has 6 sleeping rooms 

2 rooms with double beds (140 cm) og large build-in closet
2 small rooms with a plank bed, and a "drawer" which will be extended as a bed it-self, and a wardrobe.
1 room with a bunk bed, a chest of drawers and large space under the bed.
1 double sleeping sofa in the garret (150 cm). At the garret there is no cupboard but much space at the floor.


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