The nighborhood

The cottage is located on the dried Klintesø, right on the edge of a cottage area from the 60s. To the other side is mostly untouched vegetation, except for one reparcelling right next to us.

The plot is situated approximately at the level of the sea, but a hill between the ground and the sea ensures that there is no risk of flooding or the like. The ground normally feels warm even when the wind blows from the sea - wind simply  passes over the ground.

The beach
The beach is only 300m from the house, and is a mixture beach with both pieces of fine sand and pieces of stone. About 1 km to the right along the beach you will find a poor sandy beach, and to the other side is a bathing jetty to bring you over the few stones lying there.

Going for a walk beyond the drained lake early mornings, or when the autumn wind stirs are amazing, there are both deer, foxes, hares and a variety of birds. There is a connection from the fields of Klintesø and nearby wood, Sonnerupskov.

The old port of Klint
Which is still an active port in the morning, when recreational fishing men and a single professional fisherman land their catch, or when anglers throw the line in the water in hopes the big fish.

The local grocer "Spar" is only 1 km away. He has all kind of backery in addition.

Nykøbing Sj
A town with a very lively trade and many shops. Especially on weekends and in summer the pedestrian zone is very active.

Summerland Zealand
Here we simply ask you to to visit

All of which are close to is also farther away, and usually on a larger scale, as the port of Rørvig or Odden, the large national forests found several places in Odsherred, and one of the best danish beaches in Sejrö Bay.