- And to whom

We have used much energi in creating the summer house as we want it, with space enough to invite familie and friends and at the same time be able to offer them "bed and breakfirst".

And it is to people with the same purpose that we want to share our summer house, families willingly with children, who whishes some days together, what so ever it is for summerholiday with friends or a family weekend to celebrate a 70 years birsday. 

As we have built the summer house with the purpose mentioned above, and at the same time consicer the wild animals in the forrest and the neighbours at the other side, we only want to lent our house to people / families who will behaive as normal people, helping to keep the house in OK condition so we don't have to rebuild the house after 2 years.

Of the above-mentioned reasons we do not want to let the house as youth-hostel etc. We hope for your understanding.