Living Room


The living room is an integrated part of our living room / kitchen / multi function design.

Dinning Room

We have a large dinning-table with 12 chairs arround. The chairs are selected not as normal dinning-table-chairs but as conference chairs, which makes it possible to sit arround the table for longer time. If necessary we can add 2 chairs to the head of the table, increasing the number of people arround the table to 14. It will not be possible to do larger arrangements inside. 









"Sitting room"

What is left is what we call the sitting room. It consists of a large old pine sofa with belonging chair and table. In that corner of the room we have the TV, making it possible to watch from all over. If one TV is not enough we have an additonal at the garret.


The garret - sitting roon number 2


We have always used the garret as the childrens sitting room. Here they can be alone, play cards, watching TV etc, without annoying us, especially on a rainy day. And yes we have boys.